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Unstoppable Tracy welcomes Maggie Habieda, a professional photographer for celebrities, public personalities and owner of the premier portrait studio, Fotografia Boutique. Maggie is a celebrated artist who blends creativity and technical skill to create classical timeless portraits. She is also the founder of Colors of Love International Concert.


The theme of this week’s episode is love and overcoming adversity. Maggie is a firm advocate for and believer in pure, innocent, unconditional love. She affirms that businesses achieve success because of partnerships, and shares her success story as a Polish immigrant in a foreign country who now photographs stars like UnstoppableTracy and Justin Bieber.


You’ll hear Maggie and Unstoppable Tracy talk about:

  1. Exceeding uncertainties and embracing possibilities.

  2. How Maggie started her own business in a foreign country despite not knowing how to speak the language.

  3. The fruits of Maggie’s persistent labor.

  4. Why relationships are the foundation for success.

  5. Tips for opportunists on how to present themselves.


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