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Many people dislike change and fear the unknown. Embracing possibility and leading change are important ingredients for leadership and individual success. In (Un)Stop The Story, Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt gives listeners the tools to develop resilience, bravery, flexibility and boldness in the face of an ever-changing landscape through her thoughtful, stimulating conversations with successful professionals.

Tracy’s first guest is Peter Thurin. Peter is a speaker, mentor and coach with over 4 decades of experience in professional coaching and training. He has grown and sold several successful businesses. His catchphrase is “Easy to do. Easy not to do. Your choice!” 

You’ll hear him talk with host Unstoppable Tracy  about:

  1. Minimizing the resistance surrounding conflicting priorities.
  2. The meaning of “Easy to do. Easy not to do. Your choice!”
  3. Focusing on the things in your control.
  4. Peter’s epiphany about achievement.
  5. How to move forward despite setbacks.


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