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Unstoppable Tracy welcomes this week’s guest, Catherine Smart, founder and President of Smart Move Training and Development Incorporated. Catherine is a recognized expert in the areas of project management, accessible solutions, leadership, and executive coaching. Along with her partner, Steve Couchman, she is assisting in the rejuvenation of the Trans Bhutan Trail in collaboration with the King of Bhutan. 

The theme of today’s episode is fear. Fear is on everyone’s mind, and it sometimes holds us back from going for what we desire. Simply believing you are capable is often enough to overcome obstacles and exceed uncertainty. Courage is not the absence of fear, but is rather the willingness to try in spite of it. Catherine shares corporate success tips and discusses the notion that everyone has their own gifts to bring to the table.

You’ll hear Catherine and Unstoppable Tracy talk about:

  1. How faith unlocks potential.
  2. Cathy’s brush with danger as a young adult.
  3. Why it’s important to trust people’s abilities.
  4. How being true to yourself leads to happiness.
  5. The value of paying attention.


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