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It’s important to know when to stand up and fight the status quo. It’s also important to stop and as “are these standards relevant? Are they appropriate?” We get to make those kinds of decisions as people and as organizations. In this episode of (Un)Stop the Story, Unstoppable Tracy with Dr. Alan Barnard about what we put our attention towards, and how that can change everything. 

Dr. Alan Bernard is an entrepreneur, research scientist, app developer, author and speaker who specializes in the science of decision making. How do we do it? How do we do it better? These are questions he is asking and answering in his work.

Alan and Unstoppable Tracy talk about:

  1. How you make better, faster decisions when the stakes are high.
  2. Getting clear about what the real problems are, and what are distractions.
  3. The importance of: “unless” - it’s the word that makes the impossible possible. 
  4. A thought experiment about identifying and prioritizing the things taking up your attention. 
  5. Why it’s so important to pay attention to the right things.


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Dr Alan Barnard

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