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Unstoppable Tracy welcomes this week's guest Kevin Frankish, a mental health advocate, speaker, podcaster, and blogger at Kevin Frankish Media. In his podcast, The Happy Molecule, Kevin tackles difficult topics like mental wellness, depression and anxiety. He is renowned for the 35 years he spent hosting and helping Citytv Toronto’s Breakfast Television become the number one morning show in Canada. 

The theme of today’s episode is the importance of mental wellness. Mental health is just as important as our physical health, and just like an organ can get sick, the brain can sometimes get ill as well. Mental health is a difficult topic to center conversations around, because it’s treated like a taboo subject, so it’s importance is often glossed over. Kevin shares insights into why we should start talking about mental health.

In this episode, you’ll hear Kevin and Unstoppable Tracy talk about:

  1. Unstoppable Tracy’s kindergarten experience.
  2. How avoiding conversations about mental health issues make them worse.
  3. The antithesis to depression: hope and enthusiasm.
  4. The reward beyond fear.
  5. Small and simple steps to improve your mental health. 


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