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Unstoppable Tracy is excited to welcome Gerry Robert, CEO of Blackcard Books, marketing and publisher for The Secret, Jack Canfield Soup for Soul series spin offs, frequent opener for Tony Robbins and an expert in taking action. Gerry is a multiple time best selling author and one of the world’s top PAID keynote speakers. 

The theme of today’s episode is taking action. 2% of the population act, 3% think they act, and 95% would rather die than act. People often put mental constraints on themselves thinking that they can’t do certain things, and dismiss ideas without really thinking about them. This, sadly, indicates that many people aren’t awakened to the opportunities around them.

In this episode, you’ll hear Gerry and Unstoppable Tracy talk about:

  1. What it means to be a leader.
  2. How to respond in heated interactions with people.
  3. How Gerry went from rags to riches.
  4. The importance of having a mentor.
  5. The power of knowledge.


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