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Unstoppable Tracy welcomes Mark Pattison, the founder and CEO of Maverick Consulting Company. He is also a speaker, podcast host, philanthropist, former NFL Player, mountaineer, and Sports Illustrated Executive. Mark is currently aspiring to be the first-ever NFL player to climb the 7 summits, with just Mt Everest remaining to complete the goal.

The theme of this week’s episode is finding your summit. Setting out to achieve your goals may be challenging, but the adversities you face during your journey will provide you with the strength and skills you need to reach your destination. Mark shares his professional story and affirms that challenges are stepping stones.

You’ll hear Mark and Unstoppable Tracy talk about:

  1. The meaning of true courage.
  2. Mark’s mountain-climbing fundraiser in the spring, where he also plans on making history.
  3. What competitive greatness is.
  4. The fine line between winning and losing.
  5. Why you need to step into your fears.


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