"Unstoppable You: Exceed Uncertainty, Embrace Possible, Earn Independence"

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Feedback for UnstoppableTracy:

No matter where you are in life, sometimes you just need to be inspired.

You are a great leader, and great leaders push to drive change. That’s never easy. And sometimes you will feel like you can’t do it anymore, any better or any other way. Well…Tracy will help you see that you CAN. Tracy will share strategies, stories and perspective that will help you to conquer YOUR impossible. Because, as a 4 way amputee Tracy has climbed mountains in Nepal, captained 110 foot tall ships in the Eastern Atlantic and won a bronze medal in para-alpine skiing and that's just her first 20 years! She uses humour and inspiration to help you sift through your challenges and come out on top. She will help you laugh when you haven’t got a leg to stand on and turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary landmark kind of way.

In her session, "Unstoppable You: Exceed Uncertainty" leaders will push the boundaries of the impossible to make it possible. What are the things that are standing in your way and what can you do to overcome them? Tracy gives you tools and tips to do just that.

"From the very young to the very mature I have observed and experienced the incredible way that Tracy is able to tailor her message of inspiration in a way that leaves her audience feeling empowered and unstoppable. Meeting Tracy has changed my life, meeting her will change yours too!"

-Dawn Campbell
Senior Coordinator (Marketing and Partnerships) Rick Hansen Foundation 

"Tracy is an exceptional public speaker, with an impressive ability to communicate key concepts and information through an engaging style of storytelling. Her passion for relating to others in group settings is truly inspiring, and her positive energy translates very effectively to her audiences."

-Frank D'Onofrio
Deputy Minister and CEO at ServiceOntario

Tracy Schmitt is a fantastic facilitator, who listens, motivates and inspires.
Banff Leadership Centre Client where Tracy facilitated an Appreciative Inquiry for Generative Conversations 
-David Legg Phd., 
Past President, Canadian Paralympic Committee
Take the time to get to know an incredible woman. She has taught me how to laugh at my mishaps, silence my self-doubt & whole heartedly chase my dreams. She's shown me so much love & support and you would be honored to have a little of her light in your life too. Keep kicking ass Unstoppable Tracy!! 

-Cindy Walker
Communications Manager at US Sailing, Paralympic Trialist 2016 

Love Tracy's energy! Tracy is even more effective than a morning cup of coffee! 

-Ebenezer Fordjor
Account Executive, Raptors 905 MLSE
(Maple Leaf Sport and Entertainment)