Tracy is an extraordinary example of leadership, dedication, and resourcefulness.

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Nobody Left Behind by #UnstoppableTracy Schmitt

Speeches That Change Us: Overcoming Judgement
#1 International Speaker opening for John Travolta
Face Your Fears 2019 an 'Unstoppable You'
My Sailing Dream Unstoppable Tracy Team Paradise Interview
Stage Shared with #JaneFonda at Top Ten Event Boycott what you
Unstoppable Tracy presents Women in Leadership and Business WILB 2017
Unstoppable Tracy presents Born to Lead B2L 2017
How to Best #BustBarriers #NoExcuses #UnstoppableYou #UnstoppableTracy Secret #TEDxBellWoodsTrinity
Solutions through Partnership Unstoppable Tracy
Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt Changing Minds, Changing Lives from the Canadian Paralympic Committee
Tracy Schmitt says Uber dedicated to becoming fully-accessible transit service
A Voice For All S 05 Ep 01 - Unstoppable Tracy and Estate Planner Fred Ryall
CBC news interviews Tracy as she trains for the Mobility Cup. A week long National Regatta.
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Tracy crafts each of her talks to the audience in attendance. Don't miss out on the chance to BECOME THE UNSTOPPABLE YOU!